Sample QR code

To generate a QR code for your WLAN the string that has to be converted into a QR code must have the form described here.




You have to specify all fields separated by semicolon (;). Unused fields must be empty (;;).

The fields have the following meaning:

  • <authentification-protocol> must be one of:
    • nopass : no authentication
    • WEP : WEP
    • WPA : WPA/WPA2
  • <SSID> : Name (= SSID) of the WLAN; this field is required
  • <PreSharedKey> : WLAN password / preshared-key
  • HIDDEN : If set to text “HIDDEN” the WLAN is hidden (= SSID is not broadcasted)


  • open WLAN “OpenTestWLAN” without
  • hidden WLAN “HiddenTestWLAN” with WPA/WPA2 authentication and password “MyOtherSecrectPassword”

Generation of the QR code graphic

  • LibreOffice offers an option to generate QR codes from text:
    1. Create a document,
    2. Use menu “Insert” and chose “Object” - “QR code …”
    3. and enter text following the rules above.
  • There are several websites that generate QR-codes for you, but beware that they get your WLAN name and password and might get a clue from your IP address where it is located.