I just published a small collection of openSSL scripts on GitHub including one to view certificate information a server.

Short desciption

The repository openSSLscripts contains …

  • two scripts to convert certificates form PEM format (commonly used on Linux, FreeBSD, MacOS, …) to DER format (primarily used by Microsoft) and vis versa.
  • a bash script to view certificates presented by server an a specifiable TCP port, eg. web- or mailserver.

The primary purpose of this public repository is to show how to use openssl to investigate and transform certificates.

  • git repository [openSSLscripts](https://github.com/stclj/openSSLscripts):
  • The PEM / DER conversion scripts based on an older article I posted here
  • [update:] I added an article about the bash script “getWebserverNames.sh” on this site (stcl.blog).