How to convert tabs to spaces in VIM

If you want to convert tabs into spaces in a document opened by VIM, use the following steps: ...

2022-09-15 · 1 min · Steffen Clausjuergens

Vodafone WiFi Calling in Germany for admins

Vodafone’s “Wifi Calling” (sometimes named “WLAN Calling”) technical documentation is very poor, so I’ll try to summarize some points I learned. ...

2022-08-02 · 3 min · Steffen Clausjuergens
Some examples how to use - a bash script to show certificate information

This article explains my bash script, which displays information included in a certificate that a server presents to TCP connections

2021-06-05 · 3 min · Steffen Clausjuergens

Published a small collection of openSSL scripts on GitHub

I just published a small collection of openSSL scripts on GitHub including one to view certificate information a server. ...

2021-06-04 · 1 min · Steffen Clausjuergens

Create a QR-code for WLAN

To generate a QR code for your WLAN the string that has to be converted into a QR code must have the form described here. ...

2020-03-20 · 1 min · Steffen Clausjuergens

How to save a coredump of an ESXi-server

If an ESXi-host crashes and shows a “Purple Screen Of Death” usually a coredump is created. This article shows how to save the coredump, if you need to send it to VMware for further analysis. ...

2019-05-27 · 2 min · Steffen Clausjuergens

How to clear the local DNS cache

Clients cache the answers of DNS queries for a certain amount of time. Even an answer like “name not found” is cached. To clear the cash before it’s entries are automatically removed you can use the following commands: ...

2019-02-16 · 1 min · Steffen Clausjuergens

How to set the MTU-size on Windows (10) interfaces

Sometimes it is necessary to reduce the MTU size of network interfaces. This post shows how to do it on Windows 10. Should work on not too old versions too. ...

2019-02-09 · 1 min · Steffen Clausjuergens

Enable Copy&Paste in VMware vSphere Remote Console

When accessing a virtual machine running (VM) on VMware vSphere through “Remote Console” you cannot use Copy&Paste from your desktop into the VM. This article will describe how you can enable this through the advanced settings of a VM. ...

2019-01-19 · 2 min · Steffen Clausjuergens

How to configure a reverse proxy for Confluence Server

To use HTTPS on port 443 to access your Confluence server it is best to use a “reverse proxy”. This article shows how to do it with Nginx.

2018-12-10 · 3 min · Steffen Clausjuergens

Useing Umlauts in Usernames with Kantega's Kerberos SSO plugin

If you have usernames containing (German) Umlauts in Confluence or Jira authenticated by Active Directory, the automatic Single Sign On with Kantega’s SSO plugin won’t work by default. ...

2017-08-16 · 1 min · Steffen Clausjuergens

How to convert SSL-certificates from PEM- to DER-format and vis versa

This article explains how to convert SSL-certificates from PEM- to DER-format and vis versa useing openssl on the command line.

2017-03-02 · 2 min · Steffen Clausjuergens

How to search for macros in Confluence Server

You can use the Confluence search to find pages that contain a specific macro. ...

2014-09-01 · 1 min · Steffen Clausjuergens

How to access passiv node in Juniper SRX cluster and how to transfer files to it

If you do not have a console connection to or a management interface on the passive node of an Juniper SRX cluster, you need to reach the passive node from the active one. Here is how: ...

2014-06-10 · 2 min · Steffen Clausjuergens

How to recover JunOS from the boot-loader

If your Juniper SRX or EX does not come up with it’s JunOS operating system, you might be able to restore JunOS through the “boot-loader”. This article will show how. ...

2014-05-14 · 2 min · Steffen Clausjuergens